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time_travelers_wifeTitle: The Time Traveler’s Wife
Year: 2009
Director: Robert Schwentke
Lead: Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams
Rated: Rated PG-13 for thematic elements, brief disturbing images, nudity and sexuality.

A man has a genetic disorder that causes him to involuntarily travel through time. However he seems to keep going to the same places, he meets a girl and is a part of her life forever…

This movie was good, it hit every emotion you could hit, scary, funny, sad, happy. It has a good story, its based off of the best-selling book by Audrey Niffenegger. Its a very interesting romantic drama about a guy who travels through time! its got some pretty cool effects. Its relatively short at 107 minutes, but it feels long. Theres a bit about midway through the movie where it keeps showing McAdams character all alone because her husband is gone, that gets boring. And its kind of confusing at the begining, it takes you a little bit to catch on to what is really happening. According to my girlfriend, there were alot of parts from the book that they left out of the movie that would have made it easier to understand, which I find very unfortunate. Also, there were a couple of obvious goofs in the movie too, those are irritating. The movie is still able to hit the emotional chord though, which is important. I wasnt dissapointed, I liked this movie. 7 1/2 out of 10


Title: It Might Get Loud
Year: 2009
Director: Davis Guggenheim
Lead: Jack White, Jimmy Page, The Edge
Rated: Rated PG for mild thematic elements, brief language and smoking.

The three most prolific guitarists of all time are brought together into one room. What might happen “Probably a fist fight.” according to Jack White. This documentary explains the styles of these greats and what music means to them.

This was simply awesome! Jack White is my favorite musician of all time, so it was fantastic to watch for me. (i could have watched a whole movie just about Jack) This is a great movie for any music fan, the three explain how they got their start and their influences and their favorite guitars. There isn”t a whole lot of footage of the actually meeting of the three, its more individual. The music is great, Jimmy Page is great, Jack White is great, however, The Edge…. he looked kind of lame with these two greats, Jack and Jimmy play the hell out of their guitars, I cant really say the same for Edge, he is more into using effects to make his guitar do crazy stuff. They showed one scene where he played two notes, and with the effects, it sounded like he was doing a lot more. It made him look, in my eyes, like a bit of a cheater. Even though he does show up towards the end, he is still a fantastic guitar player, better then me, that”s for sure. This was great, the music is awesome, the footage is awesome, and the artists are awesome. Go see it if you can find it, I had to go to Irvine to see it, it was so worth it. 9 out of 10



Title: Julie and Julia
Year: 2009
Director: Nora Ephron
Lead: Meryl Streep, Amy Adams
Rated: Rated PG-13 for brief strong language and some sensuality.

A woman tries to cook her way through Julia Child’s cookbook, and write a blog about it. She ends up learning more than just cooking, she learns how to be a better person.

This movie was fantastic, I really enjoyed it. Julia Child was a chef that learned everything she knew in cooking class in Paris, France… she didnt know how to boil an egg until after she was married. Julie Powell was a phone operator at an some kind of insurance company that takes claims from 9/11 victims, they lived decades apart and this story puts them together. It goes from segments from Julia Child’s life to Julie Powell’s life. The segments from Julia were very interesting and funny, watching Meryl Streep portray Julia quite perfectly was fun, and France looked so great on-screen. However, things got a little repetitve when Julie was on-screen, she would cook then freak out, it got a litte monotonous, but was still very humurous and very fun to watch. All in all this movie was great, it made you understand that cooking is more than just making food. Very good movie, go see it. Oh and at 123 minutes (2:03) it feels a little bit long, but its worth every minute. 7 1/2 out of 10


Title: The Hurt Locker
Year: 2009
Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Lead: Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty
Rated: Rated R for war violence and language.

The story of the daily struggles of a bomb squad in Iraq, they are put to the test constantly in a city where no one can be trusted and they must take every precaution to keep their lives.

This was the best movie Ive seen this year. There was so much tension in this movie, the kind of tension that keeps you on the very edge of your seat. This film had everything, probably the best 10 dollars Ive spent all year. The cinematography was AMAZING, the way the film was shot was perfect, there were times where you were put in the perspective of the characters, other times it was that quick zooming and panning, my favourite was the small bits of slow motion filming, when the bomb goes off and you see the rust shaking off of the car in SUPER slow motion, or when the shell casing is seen hitting the dirt in SUPER slow motion, and the special effects are SO awesome, the explosions are great, you can almost feel them they look so great, its absolute eye candy. The plot was fantastic, and the casting for the characters was perfect, Brian Geraghty’s character was the most interesting, he had a bit of a psych problem from the effects of war and there were parts where I found myself asking myself, “whats he going to do right here?” Jeremy Renner’s character was cool, he was always in charge and he made everyone know it, like he said “I say no to you, you do not say no to me.” This movie accomplished what it set out to do, it made me feel uncomfortable at some parts, it made me feel tense, and it gave me a small glimpse into what life is like for our guys over seas. The Hurt Locker has won several awards at different film festivals around the world, including best director and best screenplay, you need to see it before its out of theaters, if you dont, buy it on dvd, its SO worth it. 9 1/2 out of 10

Title: The Brave One
Year: 2007
Director: Neil Jordan
Lead: Jodie Foster, Terrence Howard
Rated: Rated R for strong violence, language and some sexuality.

A woman and her boyfriend are attacked in a tunnel in central park, her boyfriend was killed. She gets no answers about her case from the police, so she takes the law into her own hand.

This was a good film, a good revenge story, the relationship between Jodie Foster’s character and Terrence Howard’s was a little weird. it was one of those movies that you would be like “Heck yea” about. its cool to see Jodie Foster do work, its pretty graphic, which kinda adds to the excitement, she kills the kind of scum that make this world a bad place, and its awesome. Its a good movie, you should see it. 7 out of 10




Title: 3:10 To Yuma
Year: 2007
Director: James Mangold
Lead: Russel Crowe, Christian Bale
Rated: R for violence and some language.

A rancher who seems to never catch a break, is contracted to transport an outlaw to the 3:10 train to Yuma prison, and has to fight his way through Apaches, other outlaws, and even his own men.

This film reminds me of watching the old Clint Eastwood and John Wayne westerns, except better. This movie is awesome, exciting from the opening shot to the closing shot, it was filmed on location in New Mexico so the cinematography will not disappoint. The acting was fantastic, and I really like how they threw some kind of well known actors like Luke Wilson into the film. Everything was great. I was satisfied when the credits rolled. The gunfights were awesome, special effects were great, everything was believable. Christian Bale’s character was really great, as was Russel Crowe’s, they were so believable and they made this western one of the best Ive seen to date. 3:10 To Yuma was nominated for two Oscars including; best original score, and best achievement in sound. see it 8 1/2 out of 10