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Title: Her

Year: 2013

Director: Spike Jonze

Lead: Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams

Rating: R for language, sexual content and brief graphic nudity.

A man falls in love with his operating system.

This movie is the most original movie I’ve seen in recent memory, it’s so much more unique and different than anything that’s been made lately. Spike Jonze does so many things well in this movie, it’s a very bizarre premise that is navigated through flawlessly. The semi-futuristic world that this movie is set in is so genuine and real and not, like many other films, in your face futuristic. Deep down inside, this movie is not about the future or how somebody would go around having a romantic relationship with Siri, but how we connect with each other on a fundamental level. What I took from this film was that so many people are enveloped by their technology that they miss what’s right in front of them. It’s about the fear of human relationships for fear of being hurt. All of these themes are so well communicated through this film. It’s something that we’ve never seen before and in this day and age is so completely relevant because of the rapid pace in which technology is advancing.

Her is so well acted. Joaquin Phoenix reminds me in this film why he is one of the greats. Scarlett Johansson also surprises with a voice only performance that just oozes with brilliance through the speakers, her voice is so beautiful and her reactions are so genuine and real. The cinematography in this film is brilliant, it’s so beautiful and unobtrusive, the colors are so warm and bright and some of the shots in the elevators are pure brilliance. I do also have to address the special effects in this film. Some of you may be aking, “What special effects?” Exactly, it is almost impossible to tell, but LA was given some extra buildings and the video game with the cute, foul-mouthed little alien was awesome. I will continue to use the same adjective because it is so necessary, the effects were extremely unobtrusive, just like everything else.

Her is an outstanding example that we are in another golden age of cinema. The film is original, in some cases original doesn’t necessarily mean great, but Her is original and beautiful, it’s a career defining film for Spike Jonze, something he can certainly hang his hat on and something that all other film makers can aspire to. Expect to see this film late into the awards season, you gotta see it.

9 out of 10